About Robert Digings

Robert Digings founded Guru Circus in October 2013.

He has been trying to discover what it is to be human since he was eleven.

Thirty-eight years later the mystery deepens and the journey continues.

He doesn’t believe in easy answers, quick fixes or that anyone can tell you the Truth of the human condition – but he is passionate about helping you discover what’s really important to you, along with ways of creating that in your life.

His own personal development journey has brought many riches: greater self-awareness and understanding, more honest and loving relationships with himself and others, more courage, useful insight and an appreciation of paradox.  He frequently feels deeply connected to ‘goodness’, knows contentment and gratefulness, along with feelings of great connection and love.

And these experiences are mirrored and in fact supported by a greater willingness to explore his own suffering: overwhelming self-hatred and anger, emotional distress and hopelessness, feelings of despair, tragedy and loss of meaning, often leading to thoughts of suicide.

He sees it all as part of his humanity, the welcoming of which leads to healing, strength and greater integrity.

His self-awareness work has included training in Psychosynthesis, NLP and the Enneagram, six years of study with the School of Economic Science, seven years as a student in the Ridhwan School, and over five years of twice-weekly personal therapy.

In May 2011 he was privileged to qualify as a Hoffman Teacher after 18 months of training, and joined the UK teaching team of the Hoffman Process, a week-long personal development residential about Love and how to heal the past.

He has also practiced various forms of bodywork and meditation, including TM, Sivananda Yoga, Vipassana Meditation, Tantra, Holotropic Breathwork and the Alexander Technique.

His experience is that the journey of self-discovery is not an easy one – some would say it’s the hardest endeavour any of us can undertake – and its results are often painfully slow, unexpected, and rarely about achieving our ego ideals; how could it be?

It’s also virtually impossible to do on one’s own, which is why he is passionate about creating this community so people can share their experience and explore this difficult, but rewarding path together.

After having the idea over 10 years ago for a website dedicated to people interested in exploring their own humanity, he made publishing this site one of his New Year resolutions at the start of 2012. Guru Circus was founded and is his contribution to our innate desire to know ourselves more deeply.

Welcome to Guru Circus!

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