Aims & Purpose

What’s really important to you? How can we help you create that in your life?

Guru Circus was founded on a simple, yet life-changing idea: we all want to know what it is to be human.

Our everyday lives are extraordinary: demanding, confusing, exciting, and unpredictable. Full of opportunities and potential, as well as challenges and tragedy.

And yet throughout it all there’s one common constant – us. But how are we to make sense of our lives? What’s most valuable to us? And, most importantly, who are we?


We believe that we all want to live lives of greater meaning and value.  We all want to feel more, enjoy more and express ourselves more fully. We all have an innate desire to know ourselves more deeply so that we can be more of who we really are.

We all want to know what it is to be human.

Guru Circus is born out of that curiosity, along with a real desire to bring people together in community to ask the important questions, even when the answers aren’t easily found.  By doing that we celebrate our lives and each other.

We believe no one person has more than a small piece of the human jigsaw puzzle, so we value all the voices, schools of thought, models, philosophies, theories and practices that attempt to explore and reveal the Truth of what it is to be human.

The self-development journey often arises out of our pain, which is an intrinsic part of the human condition.  Because of this we include our collective suffering here; some of which can be relieved and some of which can’t.

Our suffering is very real, and very human; and by honouring it together we can, in a strange way, make it easier to bear.


Our aims are both simple and profound.  We will:

– help you explore your humanity in whatever way makes most sense to you

– create a place for you to share your experience, both to make more sense of it and to help others

– bring people together in community, to discover what really matters and celebrate our lives

– help relieve the human suffering that can be relieved and honour that which can’t

– challenge the taboos and prejudices surrounding mental health, despair and suicide

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