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Motivation to change

I am in the midst of a crisis and it is (per usual) torturous. This is a very old pattern of mine that I can genuinely see having recurred for most of my life and is both physically and mentally crippling. as well as the physical symptoms, I go into my head and its spins at…Read More

Asked by L. B.
5 answers

Habit development

Hello, Whenever I try to change or build a new habit, I get all excited at first , and I start working on building this habit until it doesn’t excite me or satisfy me any-more. Then I quit and go back to point zero,  even though I don’t want to, and I know that this…Read More

Asked by Rebecca S.
6 answers

Positive Thinking

Dear Gurus Do you think that trying to alter our thoughts by making them more positive is helpful in becoming happier? I feel a bit confused about this as many self-help books suggest that it is very important to be positive, yet other spiritual paths claim that becoming an observer or witness to our thoughts…Read More

Asked by Richard G.
5 answers

Spiritual development

I have recently become interested in mindfulness based practice in both a therapeutic capacity and on a personal level. Having begun to feel the gains of spiritual development I have found myself feeling hungry for more. I do, however, find it confusing when considering what direction I should take as there are so many spiritual…Read More

Asked by Katharine .
6 answers

Stay or Go

I find myself much occupied with the question of when to stay and when to quit. If I keep getting into difficult confrontations with someone significant – partner, relative, colleague – there is a temptation to say I just can’t work/live/spend time with this person. Sometimes it’s possible to walk away, sometimes not. I’m well…Read More

Asked by Steve R.
4 answers

Stages of growth

Dear Gurus I would be interested in your views on the stages of change and if these differ hugely from person to person. I have recently traced my birth mother (not told adoptive mother yet). I had not told anyone I was adopted other than my wife until end 2011. I have been feeling very…Read More

Asked by Tim S.
4 answers

Prostitution, Drugs and Alcohol?

In the exploration of myself and the reality in which I am immersed, am I permitted to engage in prostitution and to use drugs and alcohol to alter or enhance my experience? Are there any things that are prohibited?

Asked by Paul P.
6 answers

Self exploration – why?

My question, from the standpoint of a reasonably un-zealous agnostic, is this: why should any of us feel any obligation, or even inclination, to pursue any form of religious, spiritual, mystical or philosophical exploration of our own personal existence? Might it not be perfectly reasonable, and even beneficial to our general well-being, to refrain from…Read More

Asked by Jaydee .
3 answers


I would like to ask: how important is sacrifice in life? In my experience of 84 years of life, it seems that a large part of it has been sacrifice. Sacrifices for my husband – and I know he made many for me and we sacrificed for our children’s sake and many more – for…Read More

Asked by Pauline .

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