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  • Rasheed joins BBC Learning Website as expert

    Posted August 7th 2018

    Top tips for you or your teenagers: The exam results season starts today with the Scottish results. I’m delighted to part of expert team on the BBC Learning Website which offers tips and advice whatever your r...

    Rasheed Ogunlaru

    Coach - Speaker - Author

  • The Bridge Retreat – One day taster experience

    Posted February 13th 2018

    Saturday 17 February 2018, 10.30am to 4.30pm, NW London This one-day workshop, hosted by Co-founder Donna Lancaster, allows curious people to come along and find out more about The Bridge model for healing. For full details or to book, visit www.thebridge...

    Donna Lancaster

    Co-Founder of The Bridge Retreat. Life & Relationship Coach

  • Natural Alternatives at the Menopause Workshop

    Posted September 13th 2017

    We had a lovely day at the Natural Alternatives at the Menopause Workshop recently. If you missed it you can read about it in my post on Menopause Workshops in Lewes. Please do get in touch if you have any questions about these days or one-to-one appointm...

    Lynne Russell

    Homeopath, Coach, NLP & Hypnotherapy Practitioner

  • Find out more about The Bridge Retreat

    Posted September 7th 2017

    Our next Information Evening will be held on Wednesday 13 September, 2017 at Violet Hills Studios, 6 Violet Hill, London, NW8 9EB. It’s a great opportunity to ask questions of The Bridge Team and hear from past participants. It’s free and all ...

    Donna Lancaster

    Co-Founder of The Bridge Retreat. Life & Relationship Coach

  • Travel news!

    Posted August 21st 2017

    Getting excited about my first visit to Israel this October to facilitate the wonderful Path of Love ...

    Simon Matthews


  • Mind Body Green

    Posted June 14th 2016

    I have just been published on Mind Body Green, and you can get articles regularly on my personal website on various topics such as wellbeing, mindfulness, nutrition, self care and motivation. ...

    Sacha Stewart

    Wellness and Personal Development Coach

  • The French Retreat

    Posted June 14th 2016

    My family-run retreat centre in South West France opened in July 2015. The French Retreat, as it is known, hosts a range of personal development experiences throughout the year and is the home of an annual programme of retreat events, workshops and couple...

    Matthew Pruen

    Coach, Facilitator, Consultant

  • My news, events and top tips

    Posted June 14th 2016

    My events:  My website:  My news on Twitter: @RasheedOgunlaru My Facebook Page   Enjoy my YouTube Channel:   Keep posted on Instagram + my resource for sole traders, small business and mind...

    Rasheed Ogunlaru

    Coach - Speaker - Author

  • World Hearing Voices Congress

    Posted June 14th 2016

    I have just returned from Madrid and the World Hearing Voices Congress.  I loved meeting people from all over the world who are taking things forward.  There is a love and camaraderie in the Voice Hearers movement that is very special and not something ...

    Matthew Morris

    Cluttered Homes Consultant

  • Polyvagal theory

    Posted June 14th 2016

    I am currently investigating Polyvagal theory, and wondering about how this may influence my work, and how to assist individuals  to regulate their visceral state, in order for them to benefit from mindfulness. ...

    Rosemarie Morgan-Watson

    Mindfulness in Motion Coach and Trainer

  • New collaborative association

    Posted June 14th 2016

    I am currently part of a core team developing a new collaborative association of Enneagram Teachers in the UK that brings teachers together from the Riso-Hudson Insight Approach and the Palmer Daniels Narrative tradition. Enneagram Alive has several Meet-...

    Grahame Morgan-Watson

    Enneagram Professional & Personal Development Coach

  • The Secret Bridge

    Posted June 14th 2016

    I am currently writing, procrastinating and writing a book about Grief and Ritual for Healing called ‘The Secret Bridge to Joy’. ...

    Donna Lancaster

    Co-Founder of The Bridge Retreat. Life & Relationship Coach

  • Is your business ready to glow?

    Posted June 14th 2016

    It’s been a busy and deliciously varied year at Glow in 2015. We’ve helped businesses grow by… partnering with large-scale industrial print teams to reimagine patient journeys for chronic conditions collaborating with Award-winning So...

    Laura Gelder-Robertson

    Director, Glow Innovation

  • Illuminating the World

    Posted June 14th 2016

    Rather than send christmas cards this year I decided to donate 1% of profits to the astonishing Kickstarter “Solarpuff” innovation project – an ex MIT professor who has pioneered a low cost, sustainable, solar-powered light for peo...

    Laura Gelder-Robertson

    Director, Glow Innovation

  • I’m currently interested in

    Posted June 14th 2016

    how people can develop and create enough space in their lives – and in their heads – to enable their creativity and ideas to flow the concept of ‘work as love in action’ and how we can balance performance with compassion, empathy...

    Helena Clayton

    Coach and Facilitator