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Alex Klokkaris

Life Coach and Workshop Facilitator

My work enables people from all walks of life to reassess and re-evaluate in order to discover the nuggets of gold within each challenge life presents to us.
Following a personal breakthrough in my twenties, I have been on an amazing path of self -discovery and awareness while helping others to do the same. After years of inner searching and vigorous training in therapies and coaching, I operate as Catalyst and Bridge. I help people identify and release limitations and achieve insights and breakthroughs to move forward.

Member since October 2015


Contact me


074361 13033

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The Tree Room

12 Trinity Street

How can I help?

I can help you get to the core of the matter very quickly, to expose to the light, the truth of whatever challenge you are battling with. I then provide the conditions for you to discover your own way forward, often accompanied by breakthroughs and insights.



  • Advanced Diploma in Personal Performance Coaching

  • Diploma in Person-Centered Counselling

  • Post Graduate degree in Education

  • Certificate in Group Dynamics

  • Cert. in Stress Management

  • Cert. in Lifelong Learning

  • BA (Hons) Humanities

Frequently asked questions

What topics can I talk about in coaching?

Everyone has their own recurring themes. They come from deep within us and replay themselves in different situations and guises, until we finally 'get it'. As we start to work on your own topics and goals, we will soon uncover some of your own unique patterns. We shall then proceed to address each one as it arises, to lessen their impact and substitute them with new ways of being.

What advice can you offer on relationships and money?

You are the expert of your own self and life. I will help you uncover your own answers, because, believe it or not, the knowledge of the what's and how's lies within you. It is just that we get so caught up in our patterns and thinking and tie ourselves into knots. I can help you untie yourself!

I have already had counselling and it worked up to a point, what is different about life coaching?

There are many overlaps between coaching and counselling. What's different about coaching is that the emphasis lies in where you are at now and where you would like to be with any given topic i.e. it is results-oriented. Getting that clarity about what you DO want, is often a process in itself and coaching can help you do that, as well as take the first steps towards it.

How does telephone coaching work?

The advantage of telephone coaching is that you are in your own comfortable space with no need for using up time to travel etc.
Telephone coaching is by appointment, like any other engagement, so the time is booked in your diary and protected from interruptions. A lot of people find they can talk more freely and focus better in their own space. Skype is similar of course and is also a preferred method for some clients.

What about email coaching? I am really comfortable with that method of communication.

Email coaching is also available, although it's best if we have at least one or two sessions by phone or Skype so that I get more of a feel of who you are, where you are coming from and what will work best for us. From then on, I am happy to arrange email coaching sessions over a period of time.