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Alison Richards

Coach and Licenced NLP Master Practitioner

Hello, I am a transition coach and licensed master NLP practitioner. I first became a coach when on a challenging contract, working with ex gang members. Since the coaching training I have become a Master Neuro Linguistic Programming Practitioner, and embraced other complementary practices related to neuro science and spiritual journeying.

Member since September 2016


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My Approach


Your first session with me includes your initial assessments and these are included for FREE.

I work with individuals and with groups. I can work face to face or online.

Clients report back to me that the trance and hypnotic journeying techniques I use have really embedded themselves and accelerated them on their journey with a completely new mindset. My aim is to get the best out of the individual through the provision of coaching, trance and learning development solutions.

I thrive at the challenge of designing systems that work, empowering individuals to face change head on and the process is normal transformational for clients in the work and personal lives. Since becoming a Licensed Master Practitioner in Neuro-linguistic Programming, I have began to embrace other practices such as yoga and breathe work to promote mindless business practice. My coaching and project management experience transfer to all that I do. You determine where you want to be and I hold the space to enable you to realize your vision and goals.

My intention is to be a catalyst for change and work collaboratively to improve outcomes for you. Being part of Guru Circus gives me the perfect vehicle to reach a wider audience with products I am developing for practitioners in education and for connecting with new clients.

Please visit my website to read client testimonies. www.arcservices-biz.co.uk

Or contact me on 07960026582 to discuss your needs.


How can I help?

My passion is in supporting individuals and businesses who have had the courage to look at themselves, knowing that there is so much more they are capable of.

We often get frustrated with our life situation or decision making ability. All sorts of barriers and fears stop us from realising our true potential.

Sometimes we get suffocated by our business processes and allow these to put our business at risk. When you are at a pivotal crossroads in your life you either have to change the record or accept what is.

Where are you? Where is your business at? Are you delivering at your full potential?





  • Level 5 Personal Performance Coach

  • NLP Licenced Master Practitioner

  • Prince 2 Project Manager

  • Licenced to complete Hidden Disability Assessments

  • Licenced for Outcome Star goal setting IA

  • MA Dip in Learning Through Innovation

  • Post Graduate Certificate in Teaching, Learning and Professional Development

  • BA ( Hons) Interactive Multimedia Communications 2.1

  • Level 5 Skills for Life ESOL specialist


  • I came for my business and anxiety coaching. I was listening to other people far too much. Now I don’t do that and I am confident doing that. Living in the now as well, I am detatched from my situation and it is what it is. I am content and accepting. I learnt so much. Business is doing great.

  • Health and confidence coaching-I enjoyed that fact that someone was egging me on. I was particularly helpful using some of the models. I always failed and gave up before but it's about your mindset. It's really opened my eyes. I learnt that about my addiction - I didn't know it was that bad.

  • Now I feel in control. My relationship with food has changed. I have control over me. Alison was very good at keeping me focussed and directing and understanding me, including my faith. She tackled ALL the areas.