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Andrea Anstiss


Andrea Anstiss is a transpersonal psychotherapist, group facilitator and a former Hoffman Process teacher based in Dubai, UAE.

Member since March 2013


Contact me


+971 50 8566912

My Approach

I use talk therapy, augmented by breathwork, art therapy and nondual healing to identify and release outmoded patterns and to help my clients to claim their wholeness and freedom. The first few sessions are usually focused on uncovering and transforming inherited family and ancestral patterns. Along with Dr Yahia Kabil I co-facilitate Holotropic Breathwork workshops in Dubai, UAE and internationally. Upon invitation I facilitate Rebonding of the Body and Healing the Inner Child workshops to support my clients to deepen their connection to their hearts and to transform shame. My experiential and dynamic approach is influenced by Jason Shulman’s non-duality teachings and Stanislav Grof’s cartography of the psyche. I enjoy Osho’s spirit of celebration and meditation for the western mind, thus I guide spiritual adventures to Osho Ashram in Pune, India, called Voyage to Enlightenment

How can I help?

I specialise in helping my clients recover their innate joy, authentic expression and preciousness. This often involves healing trauma, evolving self worth, body image and relationship to pleasure. I support my clients to grieve the past, strengthen boundaries and own both their greatness and humility. 


  • B. A. History (Canterbury, NZ) 1984

  • Diploma Teaching 1984

  • Master Degree Transpersonal Psychology ( Institute of Transpersonal Psychology, USA) 2004

  • Moving Cycle Movement Therapy Certificate 2006

  • Hoffman Process Teacher Certificate 2009

  • Integrated Kabbalistic Nondual Healing Certificate 2013


  • Private Practice in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia and UAE since 1999.

  • Hoffman Process, UK, Bahrain and UAE 2008 - 2015

  • Facilitating Rebonding of the Body workshop since 2001 and training facilitators in this workshop.

  • Supervision of UAE therapists and training workshop leaders in communication and presentation skills, since 2006.

  • Creating and presenting workshops - Freedom from Emotional Eating, Healing the Inner Child and Healing Shame workshops.

  • Facilitating breathwork therapy since 1988. I am currently completing the Grof Transpersonal training.

  • Co-facilitating Holotropic Breathwork workshops in the UAE, since 2009.

  • Between work and travel I am writing a memoir of my quarter century of ex-pat living in the Middle East.