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Emanuela Fulli

Holist, ICF PCC Coach, Humanistic-Exixtential Counsellor, Reiki 2 practitioner, Level 2 Certificate in Nutrition & Health

Emanuela is Italian and lives in the UK. She likes to call herself Innovation Creator. She is active and lively, creative and rational at the same time and she mixes knowledge with passion in all the projects, always with a strategic perspective. She likes to work with people. She loves nature, good food and good wine, travelling and handicrafts.

Member since September 2016


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My Approach


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“I am trained professional that masters techniques of communication and linguistic in a professional structured relationship built in order to free my Clients from ‘unnecessary and obstructive mental/internal clutter’. I sell the value of this Coaching service, plus – of course – the value of all the other training I did. I encourage them to believe in themselves, I facilitate self-awareness, balance and fulfilment. I partner with my Clients, it is an alliance, a duo. All this during the assisted self-discovery adventure, where they lead and I walk beside them… Thanks to that, they succeed in their own way, their own time and in what they want to.”

A Coaching process is generally between 8 and 10 sessions of 1 hour each (f2f or Skype). During the introductory meeting (called Intake Session) we get to know each other and we establish the boundaries of the relationship and the goal to achieve. You can expect from me lots of questions, trust, motivation, support, encouragement, intention and empathy. I expect from you to believe in yourself and in the effectiveness of Coaching!

A Counselling process is tipically between 12 and 24 weekly sessions of 50 minutes each (f2f or Skype). During the introductory meeting we get to know each other and we establish the boundaries of the relationship and the problem to explore. You can expect from me active listening, communication techniques, trust, support, encouragement, intention and empathy. I expect from you to believe in your resources and in the power of Counselling!


“Non sono un mediatore di emozioni, non sono un consulente o un Mentor, non sono un formatore o uno speaker motivazionale. Non prometto il successo ai miei clienti, non vendo me stessa e non sono un esperta in ‘qualcosa’…Sono un professionista formato per gestire tecniche di comunicazione e linguistica in una relazione professionale strutturata, per fare in modo che i clienti si liberino da “inutile ostruttiva spazzatura mentale/interna”. E vendo il valore del servizio di Coaching, e di altra formazione acquisita (Counseling, tecniche olistiche, Reiki,…). Li incoraggio a credere in sé stessi, facilito la coscienza di sé, l’equilibrio e l’appagamento. Mi associo con loro, è un’alleanza, un duo.
Tutto questo durante un’ “assistita avventura alla scoperta di sé”, dove loro guidano ed io cammino al loro fianco tenendo ‘il kit del Pronto Soccorso’… Grazie a questo loro hanno successo a modo loro, con i loro tempi ed in ciò che vogliono.”

Un processo di Coaching dura generalmente 8-10 sessioni di circa 60/90 minuti ciascuna (di persona o virtuale). Durante la sessione introduttiva (chiamata Intake) oltre alla conoscenza si stabiliranno i termini della nostra relazione professionale ed il traguardo da raggiungere. Da me ti puoi aspettare tante domande, fiducia, motivazione, supporto, incoraggiamento, intenzione ed empatia. Da te mi aspetto di credere in te stesso e nell’efficacia del Coaching!

Un processo di Counseling tipicamente dura fra le 12 e le 24 sessioni settimanali della durata di 50 minuti ciascuna (di persona o virtuale). Durante l’incontro iniziale si arriva a conoscere l’altro/a ed a stabilire i confini del rapporto e ad esplorare il problema. Ci si può aspettare da me, ascolto attivo, tecniche di comunicazione, fiducia, sostegno, incoraggiamento, intenzione ed empatia. Mi aspetto da te che tu creda nelle tue risorse e nella potenza di Counseling!


How can I help?

Emanuela is a Holist. She is passionate about connection between body-mind-soul and she mixes all her qualifications in her unique approach. She is an International Coach Federation Accredited Certified Coach, a Humanistic-Existential Counselor and a Reiki Degree 2.

“I want happiness for my clients, whatever it means to them!”



  • Holist

    Usui Reiki Ryoho Level 2
    Humanistic Counsellor in training

  • Life & Business Coach

  • Humanistic-Existential Counsellor


  • I found the whole experience perfect from start to finish. If im honest I went in with an open mind but also having been on anti-depressants for 7 years still quite sceptical. From the first minute I felt in a relaxed environment with no pressure.

  • The easiest way to rate the experience overall, is to consider the outcome that has been achieved. The outcome has surpassed all expectations that I had initially and then end result feels liberating. I no longer feel at conflict with myself and I have a much happy and positive outlook on life and

  • The coaching experience helped me to go through my personal issues although we started the coaching with the aim to solve my professional doubts. All our problems in personal and professional life are intertwined anyway.



  • Life & personal

  • Business, professional & corporate

  • Emotions

  • Happiness

  • Life changing

  • Relationships