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Emma Pruen

Shamanic Practitioner & Blogger

Emma is a self-esteem enhancement mentor; shamanic practitioner; runs a Retreat Centre and blogs about self-development issues. Mostly she just wants to let people know about how they can improve the quality of their life.

Member since December 2015


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My Approach

You already know all the answers. All I will do is support you to find them yourself. This might be guru circus, but I won’t pretend that I know better about your life than you do. So if you are looking for someone to tell you what to do, what choices to make, how to live your life, I’m not the one for you. If however you are wanting to learn a few techniques to access your own inner knowing, please get in touch.

Latest News

  • Self-Esteem enhancement course

    Posted Monday 14th December, 2015

    I’ve just released the dates for my next Self-Esteem enhancement course which will he held in Brighton in February. There’s an introduction evening on 20th January. If you are interested in finding out more click here.

How can I help?

Emma was a journalist specialising in Mind Body Spirit issues back when a coach was a method of transport and workshops were for mechanics. She broke stories on  many new areas of self-development work in the UK from the Hoffman Process to Family Constellations. This work has given her an exceptional overview of the options and possibilities open to people wishing to overcome the past and create incredible futures.

Alongside her work as a journalist she worked in Self-Esteem Enhancement, supporting people to feel better about themselves. Latterly she trained as a Shamanic Practitioner, adding some magical and mystical tools to her repertoire.