Frances Goodall


Frances is a wellbeing coach and Advanced EFT Practitioner and Trainer, who is passionate about helping others to recover from chronic illness and live a full and active life.
Frances is the author of 'You Can Heal Chronic Illness, The Lotus Process: 8 Steps to Health and Happiness'.

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My Approach

Since recovering from CFS in 2006, Frances has in various ways been supporting others in regaining health: bodywork, retreats, coaching and EFT amongst other modalities.

Frances is also the co-founder of Women’s Wellness Circle which offers in-person retreats and online courses for women healing from chronic health challenges.

Frances is the author of ‘You Can Heal Chronic Illness, The Lotus Process: 8 Steps to Health and Happiness’.

Frances’ approach to health and wellness has been described as gentle, nurturing and feminine. She integrates tried and tested modalities with a step-by-step approach to reaching health and wellness.
Frances lives with her family in Sheffield.



How can I help?

Frances helps clients recover from Chronic Illnesses such as CFS (Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, FMS (Fibromyalgia) and MCS (Mutliple Chemical Sensitivity) in one-to-one and small group settings.



  • AAMET Accredited EFT Master Trainer

  • NLP Practitioner

  • Life Coach

  • Hypnotherapy

  • Holistic Massage Therapist

  • Bowen Technique Therapist


  • The short version of my recovery story is that 2 and a half years ago I was extremely ill: I had been bed and wheelchair-bound with CFS/Fibromyalgia for about a year and had lost any ability to lead anything like a normal life. I now have my life back. ”

    Lawrence, UK
  • Thank you so much for the part you played in my getting well.” R

    Rachel, UK
  • "Thank you so much Frances for believing in me and supporting me. I owe a lot to you."

    Zara, UK


  • Amygdala Retraining Coach Since 2007

  • Co-Founder of Women's Wellness Circle 2015

  • Amygdala Retraining Supervisor since 2015