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Helena Clayton

Coach and Facilitator

A coach and facilitator, I've worked in the field of personal and leadership development for over 20 years. I specialise in helping you get to know yourself better and create change in the areas of your life that really matter to you - helping you to get through 'stuck' places, see new possibilities, and find resources that you never knew you had.

Member since October 2015


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07771 358881


07771 358881

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My Approach

When you work with me you get someone who helps you to:
– work out what needs to be different and why that matters to you
– deepen your understanding and increase your levels of self awareness
– think big and to see new possibilities and horizons
– identify the thinking, beliefs, strategies and the habits that will help you make the shift
– feel more resourced, resilient and optimistic

Latest News

  • I’m currently interested in

    Posted Tuesday 14th June, 2016

    • how people can develop and create enough space in their lives – and in their heads – to enable their creativity and ideas to flow
    • the concept of ‘work as love in action’ and how we can balance performance with compassion, empathy and heart
    • how we can create real, meaningful and sustainable change in our lives

How can I help?

As a coach, my role is to create a safe space for you to think and talk about the things you don’t ordinarily get the chance to focus on.  My intention is to be a ‘critical friend’, sometimes asking you lots of questions, sometimes offering some gentle challenge or holding up a mirror to what I’m hearing.  And always helping you move towards more of what really matters to you.



  • ICF accredited coaching qualification

  • MA in Leadership and Learning

  • MBTI and FIRO-B accredited

  • PG Dip in Counselling and Consulting


  • ‘On a personal level, the 1:1 coaching and Helena's approach in "holding up the mirror" to me has changed the way I engage and how I perform as a CEO. I do not make recommendations lightly and Helena comes as a high recommend.'

    CEO, Housing Association
  • 'Working with Helena over 8 months made me much more aware of my leadership style and capabilities, and gave me the perspective and tools with which to better manage my individual challenges and approach difficult situations'

    General Counsel, High St brand
  • 'I feel that the coaching with Helena really helped me to see some of the qualities I have and how I can use them better. In addition it also helped me with some of the weaknesses I have and how to best overcome these or do things a little bit differently'.

    Director, major outsourcing organisations