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Nikki Wyatt

The Karma Coach

Nikki offers dynamic tools for personal transformation. A writer and practitioner trained in vibrational medicine, she specialises in helping you release personal and ancestral patterning using the ancient wisdom of crystal and flower essences and other energies from the natural world. She has a monthly feature in Soul & Spirit magazine.

Member since August 2016


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My Approach

I believe that we’re all born with the same creative and intelligent blueprint that allows a flower to bloom and adapt successfully to external changes. Sometimes we forget how to access this knowing, we get too ‘busy’ or we follow childhood and cultural conditioning which may encourage us to look for guidance outside ourselves.

Yet we’re all amazingly powerful, our cells are programmed to produce optimum health and vitality – anything less is simply our body trying to cope with the challenges of an unbalanced lifestyle, unhelpful emotional patterning and environmental stress.  We thrive when we live from our hearts and are guided by our loving connection to Source. My purpose is to help you to experience that knowing, to remind you to connect to it as your truest place of clarity.

My own journey has equipped me with an wide range of effective tools and supportive resources and plugged me into a network of other skilled practitioners.  Whether you want to rebalance physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually or in all areas I will be able to guide you to your highest expression and the next steps on your journey.

How can I help?

Nikki offers remote energy attunements to create personalised karmic essence blends for anyone on a conscious journey of self development. She also offers bespoke Bach remedy blends to help you deal with everyday ups and downs or unexpected events.



  • Graduated from the College of Vibrational Medicine in 2004. The College is affiliated to the Institute for Complementary and Natural Medicine

  • Qualified in Gaia Healing (Golden Age Reiki) in 2003

  • Qualified as a Transformation Game Facilitator at the Findhorn Foundation in 2002

  • Trained as a Nikken Wellness Consultant 2004


  • As a practitioner it's hard to find someone I feel confidence in, yet I was so drawn to an attunement with Nikki I couldn't ignore it. When it arrived I knew I'd been right. It described me exactly as I'd have written it myself. I've felt a huge sense of relief and calm since taking the essences.

    Kirsten, Herbalist, Cambridge
  • This transmission attunement was such a powerful transformative experience. Many issues came up and I was very challenged by my shadow, but after the first week it eased. The blend really helped me ground, focus on my path and my healing and enabled the release of so much that no longer served me.

    Marika, Green Leadership Trainer, Canada
  • I love your work and products. I'm constantly amazed at how powerful the drops are. My husband and my bodies have both reacted strongly to the attunements. You just cannot doubt it.

    Evelyn, Full Time Mother, Australia


  • I've worked in the field of personal development since 1996 and as a practitioner since 2004. In that time I have seen an enormous range of people and issues and I continue to be excited by breakthroughs which take us to new levels of understanding.

Frequently asked questions

How can flower and crystal essences help my personal growth?

Essences work on all levels of our being: emotional, spiritual, mental and physical. They rebalance and repair our energy body, which is like a light field around us. This contains the blueprint from which our physical body is formed and explains why essences are so powerful; because they treat the causal level of a problem, whether it's manifesting as an emotional, physical, mental or spiritual challenge.

Essences allow you to release blocks and they create an easier flow of energy. That's why flowers are called flow-ers - we just don't pronounce it that way! Nature is constantly interacting with the wider galaxy, so essences which transmit vibrations from our ever-changing and evolving natural world are the quickest way to update your understandings, recalibrate your energy field and expand your consciousness.

What's the difference between Bach remedies and other flower and crystal essences?

The Bach Flower system, created in the 1930s, includes 38 trees and flowers which provide an excellent way to help us balance our everyday moods and mental states at a conscious level. They are also helpful when we're in a temporary stressful situation. They are particularly effective with children, where it may not be appropriate to work at an unconscious or karmic level.

Essences created since that time and which are not part of the Bach system may include flowers but also other aspects of the natural world such as crystals, minerals, gems, birds, animals and butterflies. These essences stimulate clearing and balancing at a more unconscious, cellular level, which many of us are now ready and willing to embrace. They can release generational imprinting and patterns which we may be clearing through many lifetimes. Bach flowers can be very useful taken alongside these deeper acting essences to help with everyday living as you process deeply held emotions.

Which essence is best for me to start with?

To get an idea of the issues that essences can deal with, browse the essence ranges on the Spirit of Transformation website. If you'd like to try a blend, but you aren't sure which to start with, you can use our guidance service to find out which one would best serve you now. If you'd like advice on how to choose essences for yourself you'll find that on the essence FAQ page.