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Mark Lister


Mark has been coaching creative and professional people since 2003. He's worked with them on many topics - relationships, leadership, communication, confidence. He has been described as a Charismatic Listener. Authenticity, fulfilment and connecting powerfully with others have often been major themes in his work, in many contexts.

Member since September 2016


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0131 449 9411



My Approach

My work is ultimately about having fulfilment and a happy life. That applies equally to having fulfilling relationships, running a business you love, releasing your creativity, finding your way in life, and so much more. So I start from two essentials. One is inside you – purpose. The stuff that makes life vibrant and exciting for you. The other is around you – people. As a human being, anything you want to achieve or fulfil involves other people.

For me, as your coach, listening is absolutely critical to that. I’ve been called a “charismatic listener”- I listen to you in such a way that you start to hear yourself differently. This opens new possibilities for you, of getting beyond obstacles.

It’s fun, too. You’ll probably laugh. You might cry. Nobody’s hurled yet.

How can I help?

My clients do more than set and achieve goals – they set out to transform things for themselves, whether in love, business, or personal direction. If you really want new things to happen, you have to think differently. I create a space where you can do that, and really break on through.



  • Certified Professional Co-Active Coach (CTI)

  • Professional Certified Coach (ICF)

  • Tribal Leadership - leadership and culture transformation

  • ExecuTAP - executive leadership & culture


  • Life Coaching - since 2004

  • Small Business Coaching - since 2004

  • Collaborative Leadership coaching & workshops in SMEs - since 2013