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Martin Armitage-Smith

Life Coach

Martin Armitage-Smith has a Diploma in Psychosynthesis Life Coaching and, following 4 years of psychological training, a Masters in Leadership & Organisational Coaching. He also has 17 years experience in eastern and western bio-energy practise. He is a graduate of Cambridge University and has studied, lived and worked in North and East Africa.

Member since September 2016


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Psychosynthesis Trust

92-94 Tooley St
London Bridge

evolve Wellness Centre

10 Kendrick Mews
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SW16 6SF

My Approach

My training has taught me the value of deep listening and to be as attuned as possible to what is emerging from the Unconscious. Many people come to Life Coaching after trying for a long time to work their issues out at a cognitive level i.e. in their heads. Apart from being extremely tiring and frustrating, this is almost certainly not going to be the right level to approach them. Our working context is always set by the goals that you have. If you find yourself at a fork in the road or are not quite certain about your goals then we may track back into your life story to see what that may be telling us. A psychosynthesis approach is holistic and concentrates on activating your will (to achieve your goals) while also ensuring that your goals are aligned with what brings meaning and fulfilment to your life. I generally work in sets of 6 sessions of 1 hour over a 2 month period. However, every client is unique and sometimes, depending what emerges over the coaching sessions, we may end up working therapeutically for considerably longer.

Some of the issues I have worked with clients on over the past year have been: bullying, early abandonment, awakenings (spiritual and creative), suppressed love and grief, impacts of alcohol in family, trans-cultural dynamics, racism, damaged attachment to parents, preparing for the outside world,  relationship matters, holding it all together, low confidence, sexual and psychological abuse, isolation, mind chatter, working with the inner masculine and feminine, and questions of identity (‘who am I?’).

How can I help?

I bring a psychological, somatic and energetic awareness to my coaching which offers clients the opportunity to understand and resolve their presenting issues from different levels. I have worked with people from all walks of life, enjoyed an extremely diverse career background and write and coach around many life and relationship issues with a particular interest in the trans-cultural and the masculine/feminine. I have recently completed a Diploma in Specialist Psychotherapy for ex-Boarders.



  • MA Psychosynthesis Coaching, Middlesex University 2016
    MA Arabic & Islamic Studies Cambridge University 1986
    Diploma Psychosynthesis Life Coaching 2015

Frequently asked questions

I've never done anything like this before - how does it work?

It all starts with you and what it is that brings you here. There is no set way of working but there are several approaches from different levels that we can use.