Melanie Faulks

Work Psychologist, Life & Wellbeing Coach, #FreshAirFridays Facilitator

Helping you transform life, work and wellbeing - especially if you're managing anxiety, depression, a physical health condition/disability or neurodiversity (i.e. Dyslexia) alongside! What's your potential and when are you planning on reaching for it?

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South East Wales

My Approach

Let’s take a step out for a moment and consider your current situation. Let’s look at what you need and want. Or start exploring what you think you need or want. What do you want to hear? From me? From yourself? Let’s turn things around (even upside-down!), challenge the status quo (includes you!) and reveal your preferred future. What do you see? How does it feel?

And what will you do?

I’ll help you to create new or clearer goals and together we’ll determine how best you’re going to move forwards and accomplish them. How do you like the sound of inspiring and effective action plans especially for you? As you work on these, I provide encouragement, congratulations, accountability and a sounding board. We’ll assess progress and you will receive impartial non-judgemental (but sometimes gently challenging!) feedback. I assist you to address any setbacks and practical obstacles too.

I’m a Solution Focused, Cognitive Behavioural, Mindful and NLP coach. This means I can also help you overcome those psychological obstacles (unhelpful or hampering thoughts, feelings and behaviours) that we often encounter along the way to achievement and success. 

Why Agdela?  Aim  Get Ready  Do!  Evaluate  Learn  Accomplish!

The Recovery Model and belief that Work is Great for Us underpins my Back to Work service.

The Recovery Model originates from the research and practice of holistic and person-centred mental health services. It is an empowering approach to getting your life back on track when your health has taken a knock and involves:

  • * Feeling more in control
  • * Making progress alongside health issues
  • * Seeing hope for the future!
  • * Living a fulfilling life – whatever that means to you
  • * Experiencing new insights and possibilities because of your illness and journey
  • * Feeling listened to and included

Work Is Great For Us

That is to say – GOOD work is great for us!

I believe that good work is great for us – our wellbeing, our sense of purpose, contribution and occupational identity, opportunities, challenges, relationships, belonging and so much more! But what IS good work? What would you say it is?

I feel that good work is about enjoyable roles, clear expectations, a healthy and positive environment, doing tasks that match skill levels and having appropriate support, equipment, development and training.


How can I help?

I provide 1-1 Life & Wellbeing Coaching (Solution Focused, Cognitive Behavioural, Mindful & NLP) and Newport #FreshAirFridays – monthly outdoor group sessions. For 1-1 coaching, choose from outdoor coaching (alongside glorious nature!), coffee lounge coaching (in pre-selected and comfortable venues) and private room coaching. I have a Back to Work service which aims to help you move forwards confidently and comfortably towards your work related aims. Take a look at my research findings on returning to work after sickness – will they resonate? My Health and Social Care Staff coaching service supports the wellbeing and aspirations of those people whose job it is to help others. I’m proud to have worked in this industry and to be a preferred supplier of one to one coaching to Macmillan Professionals.



  • MSc Occupational Psychology

  • Certificate in Coaching (approved by The British Psychological Society)

  • Brief Psychological Interventions

  • Post Graduate Certificate in Mental Health

  • Certificate in Occupational Testing


  • "I was depressed being out of work, I lost a lot of confidence but you made me feel that I'm not ready for the scrap heap yet!"

    Wendy, 28, gained alternative employment following an accident which prevented her returning to her previous role.
  • “As a result of guided self-reflection and some suggested techniques, I have more realistic expectations of myself and what I can achieve in the time available at work.”

    James, 38, GP.
  • "I experienced a year which exceeded my expectations! I attribute a large measure of that success to my work with Melanie!"

    Nicola, 50.


  • I've been coaching for over 15 years and my clients' goals and action plans have ranged from condition management and life fulfilment to finding and/or succeeding in the workplace. I work with private clients and via organisations such as Macmillan Professionals, Shaw Trust, housing associations, DWP Jobcentre Plus, Rethink Mental Illness and NHS Primary Care. Coaching is not a substitute for counselling, other talking therapies or workplace supervision (as in Health and Social Care). They can run alongside each other if appropriate to do so.

    I look forward to meeting you!