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Nicole Rolls

Counsellor and Psychotherapist

Nicole has been practising mindfulness for a large part of her life and through this practice she feels more able to communicate how it is possible to reconnect with the breath of life in every moment and to take good care of our difficult emotions often brought about by our repetitive reactions to past experiences when we did our best to survive.

Member since August 2016


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Nicole Rolls

19 Prior Avenue

My Approach

To support her in this work, Nicole has trained in Psychosythesis at the Psychosynthesis and Educational Trust. This has remained her basic model of Therapy. It had been enriched by working Psychodynamically for 10 years most of it within the NHS. Nicole has also found that many models can be of great value to access our wounds and to heal them: she is fully qualified and experienced in E.M.D.R., she is qualified and experienced in Hypnotherapy, she is trained and has been working using Object Relation, Brief Interpersonal Therapy ( DIT), Lifespan Therapy, Art Therapy,  Constellation Work, CBT, Gestalt, Lacanian Therapy, Mentalisation and Mindfulness.


How can I help?

Nicole has been working for 12 years supporting people through Counselling and Psychotherapy to grow through difficult life situations and emotional pains, and to reconnect with their inner strength and capacity for love and happiness



  • Lifespan Integration Therapy

  • EMDR Level 1, 2, 3 and 4

  • MA in comparative literature

  • Postgraduate Diploma in Psychosynthesis


  • " As you saw today l am feeling so much better"
    " You helped me to develop the skills I needed to face my obstacles. For the first time I feel that I know who I am and I feel well "
    " I now feel ready to take the next step in my life "
    " You have weathered the storms and we have come through "


  • Psychotherapy and Counselling in Private Practice for 12 years

  • Facilitating a Mindfulness Group in Dulwich

  • Assessment for Sutton Counselling

  • Counselling for the NHS through Horizon Group

  • Counselling for the NHS though IAPT

  • Counselling for Sutton "Refugee and Migrant Network"

  • Counselling for Sutton Counselling

  • Student Counselling at Goldsmith College