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Sacha Stewart

Wellness and Personal Development Coach

Sacha is a wellness and personal development coach at Live. Love. Thrive. Certified professionally from Wellcoaches and the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, she is passionate about assisting others to live life well, combining balance and healthy mindful habits. Her commitment to her clients also comes from her own life experiences, some of which have been taking leaps of faith to change direction in life, and she is dedicated to assisting others in transitional stages of their journey.

Member since October 2015


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+61 450 534 185

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My Approach

Coaching encourages you to have personal responsibility, to think deeply, have self discoveries, and build self efficacy. I assist you to find your own answers, as I believe that you are already whole, and have the innate knowledge within yourself that you have what it takes to be well and live your dreams.

Latest News

  • Mind Body Green

    Posted Tuesday 14th June, 2016

    I have just been published on Mind Body Green, and you can get articles regularly on my personal website on various topics such as wellbeing, mindfulness, nutrition, self care and motivation.

How can I help?

With extensive training in nutrition, health and mindfulness, as well as being a certified personal coach, my most valuable experience has been achieving my own wellness in recovering from illness, plus living my own personal dream. Everyone has different needs, so we work as a team to create a personal vision that builds on your strengths and creates confidence, uncovering your natural impulse to be well. Together we set realistic and achievable goals that overtime can sustain lasting change.



  • Certified Personal Coach

  • Graduated Institute of Integrative Nutrition

  • Mindfulness Studies - Clearlight Meditation Centre

Frequently asked questions

What is wellness and personal development coaching?

Have you felt that sometimes there is a gap between wanting to be healthy and well and the everyday reality of your habits?

That is where I come in... I'm the bridge builder to help you set and reach goals to create new patterns in your life.

I meet you where you are in the moment, and together we determine a pathway for your health and overall wellbeing.

What are the some of the outcomes of coaching?

* Increased self awareness and self knowledge
* Gaining new knowledge and skills
* Achievement of personal and professional goals
* Sustainable behaviour change
* Increased life satisfaction
* Increased self confidence and self belief
* Becoming your best self

What should I expect in a coaching session?

You start by filing in a wellness assessment to let me know where you are currently at in your life. This is completed before the first time we meet.

In the first session we spend 60 - 90 mins, discussing your objectives, creating a vision statement for your life and wellness, followed by 3 month goals to help you get there. We then look at weekly or fortnightly behavioural steps to start making inroads towards your vision.

In the following sessions 45 - 60 mins we review the weekly or fortnightly goals, and discuss any areas you wish to address to help support you, keep you on track and motivated.

Is it tailored for my needs?

We are all individual, with different needs and dreams, so while the structure of the coaching sessions are similar, it is not about following a formula. Together we create a very personal vision that looks at your strengths, builds your confidence and uncovers your natural impulse to be well. We set realistic and achievable goals that over time can sustain lasting change.

Am I ready for wellness and personal development coaching?

Coaching is for you if you are done with quick fixes, want to be the boss of your own health, and ready to look after your most precious assest - you!