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Sanjaya Pandit

Sanjaya Pandit BSC (Hons) Biomedicine, CPCC, ACC

Clients are taken on a journey of self discovery aligning their values and experience to create an amazing life ahead of them. It does not matter how old you are now, it's about advancing your unique set of skills, knowledge, wisdom and life experience and channeling that learning into what really matters going forward.

Member since September 2016


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My Approach

My approach is natural, simple and intuitive. I am real in my coaching and truly believe how amazing we all are and I coach with these principles. I believe that coaching generally can shift your perspective on life and business and relationships and embracing it can therefore transform you and the environment in which you live out your life. I support a deeper desire for connection, spirituality and togetherness and champion your unique purpose in the world.

I love to use movement and geography and make it fun and humorous in this journey of self-discovery and development. I can even do this with you over the phone!!

It is very important to me that we have an informal session before we can advance into coaching. We have to be able to work with each other and I encourage you to take this up with me if your “hunch” says I am the right coach for you.

“Trust your intuition, I do mine”.

Sanjaya Pandit




How can I help?

Bringing forward  a unique set of skills, experience and range, learning and commitment to a fellow human being, a sister or brother if you like, to our coaching relationship. Honesty, integrity and a natural deeper connection is what transforms each one of us and those are some values I hold that enriches the environment under which I coach leadership in you, the youth of today to make a difference to now and tomorrow. I trust my intuition and that of yours and it’s through this that I support changes that you want to make to your whole life so that you can create a deeper, happier and connected life with yourself and others.


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  • BSC (hons) Biomedicine, 1988

  • Coaches Training Institute Certified Professional Co-Active Coach (CTI) (CPCC),

  • International Coach Federation Accredited Qualified Member (ICF) (ACC), 2015

  • Institute of Leadership and Management Certificate in leadership and Management (ILM) , 2001

  • Edexcel Professional Diploma in Weight Management Consultancy using Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) and Transactional Analysis (TA), 2006

  • Full DBS checked, to work with young and vulnerable people, 2016


  • "Sanjaya is a warm and friendly person who is easy to talk to, a good listener and a very intuitive coach. She will often get to the bottom of what's going on when you can't see it for yourself and help determine what it is you want to achieve, and develop strategies to work round issues..read more.

    Jacqueline Dean - Virtual PA Leiceseter
  • I have been seeing Sanjaya for life coaching for some months now. Through her intervention and support, she has helped me to look at my behaviour differently, and to start considering the choices that I make. Often they are just small choices, but ones that can have a major impact ..read more..

    Tina Browne- Bluu Sky
  • “Sanjaya had the capacity to get into my world through understanding, empathy and knowledge, she is natural, energetic and passionate and truly believes what I can achieve in my life- she brings out the best in me, her one to one work is mind blowing. Her group work is caring,fun and interactive"

    Sonya Harrison- Life coaching clientt


  • 10 years of Sales and Marketing and Training and Education in the Pharmaceutical and NHS Healthcare for Depression, Asthma and Gastric Acid Reflux.

  • Project consultant for BBC Pebble Mill, broadcasting and corporate business sector managing creative input to broadcast programme making and television, managin a team delivering high end corporate accounts that wanted to use BBC resorces for their business communication

  • Since 2006, tackling Obesity by educating and coaching mindset and awareness of the psychological triggers for overconsuming whilst advocating a balanced view on eating and exercise. I have coached this mostly in group work of 15 people generally who have gone on to lose 3-4 stone or more within a 3-4 months programme. People with Diabetes and High Blood pressure to have conditions into remission. I have also tackled the recovery Poly Cystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) in women who have gone on to have their own baby without fertility. These areas of health are my passion and I have weekly engaged groups.

  • One to One Life coaching since 2006 where I have the honour to coach career transitions, leadership. life transitions and relationships, self esteem and confidence as well as elite health.

  • Creating , developing and facilitating self develepment workshops for Entrepreneurial women in Leadership roles, business owners and senior managers. The aim of these workshops have been to maintain and grow drive and energy whilst maintaining balance. it is easier said than done so the value of the workshops is to equip women in this nature with tools and strategies that they can use when needed

  • Changing Education by championing balance between academia and life and social skills in schools by delivering bespoke workshops within schools in Leicestershire and for school staff and parents. Stress Management and Mindfulness has been particularly popular

  • Motivational and Speaking engagementsnts with Lincolnshire Enterprising woemn in 2015 and again this year on emotional resilience, self sustainabilityy and extra-ordinary confidence

Frequently asked questions

How can we contact you?

I am happy to be contacted via text, email or telephone or an enquiry through my website. I usually answer within 24hours. All I ask is for you to give me a brief insight into your enquiry and your full name and when is best to re-contact you. Thank you

My telephone is 07717209975
Website www.in-u.co.uk
Email is sanjaya@in-u.co.uk

What age of children do you coach?

I am fully DBS checked so I can coach from a very young age. I tailor my coaching according to the age bracket Under 10's, 11-15 years and 16 to 19 years and over 19's young adults to allow for attention span, hormones and general mindset but typically have most experience with children from 10 years of age.

I am very new to coaching and don't know if it's coaching or counselling I need?

This is a very good question and one that I come across many times. The best and most simplest way I can answer this by saying that talk to both. I offer a free sample session for all my clients so that they can be clear of now I work and if the fir is right. I tend to also focus on moving life along into the now and future and although there is some "process" coaching I do with clients who seem stuck. When I experience and my client experiences going round and round it is a sign that perhaps a different therapy may be needed at that time.

It is important to have a chat and gain some understanding into your needs at that time.

How long is the commitment?

For life coaching and one to one - there is usually a period of 4-6 months or 12 sessions. This allows for a thorough foundation in the coaching relationship and self discovery

For Businesses- This depends on the agenda and I am happy to discuss this in more detail once I have a good understanding