How do I become a professional member?

To become a professional member, you will need to register your interest first and tell us a little about your expertise, experience and why you would like to join. We will assess your application and send you an ‘Invite Code’. Register your interest here.

Can I answer a question?

Only our Experts can answer a question however, you can make a comment which may include your personal experience or views. Comments are included in the thread following the question.

Can I contact an Expert privately?

Of course, all our Experts have contact information on their profile pages so that you can call or email them privately.

Do I book follow-up sessions with a Coach through Guru Circus?

No, once you have completed your initial session bought through the Guru Circus Store you are free to book further sessions directly with the Coach. Their own Terms and Conditions will apply.

Will my Online Coaching session be completely confidential?

All our Expert Contributors are experienced in their fields and bound by strict rules of confidentiality with most being affiliated to professional governing bodies. If you are concerned however, speak to your Coach before beginning your session.

Do I have to pay for subscription to ask a question?

No, but you do have to join by creating a free user account, join here. You have to be a registered user to interact with the site.

How will my Online Coaching Session be arranged?

Once you have paid for your Online Coaching, you will be contacted directly by your Coach to arrange a suitable date and time for your session.

How can I change the date or time of my Online Coaching session?

Once you have paid for your Online Coaching session, you will be contacted by the Coach and can arrange your session or make changes, if necessary, directly with them. We would recommend that you select a date or time that is unlikely to need rearranging except in an emergency.

Where’s my ‘Invite Code’?

Your code is sent by email so, if it hasn’t gone into your Spam folder,  email us directly and we’ll send you a new one.

I have received my ‘Invite Code’, what do I do next?

Simply click here to enter your code so that your application and payment can be completed.

How do I join?

You can join Guru Circus for free and buy a session from the Store, ask questions, submit an article or contact an Expert. Simply Click here.


How do I submit an article?

Please send your article over to us on info@gurucircus.com. It’s very straightforward. If you need some help just get in touch.

Can I submit an article that’s been published somewhere else?

No. We want to publish new, original writing that’s just for us. Once your article has been published please don’t submit it elsewhere. Google doesn’t rate duplicated content and downgrades it for SEO.

Will people be able to leave comments on my article?

Yes, they just need a free user account or expert practitioner membership.

Can I reply to comments on my article?

Yes, we hope you’d want to do that. When someone leaves a comment you’ll get an email to let you know. To reply you just need a user account or business membership.

Do you pay a fee for an article?

No. Unfortunately we’re not in a position to commission articles or pay fees. That doesn’t mean we don’t hugely value your contribution, we do. We hope you’ll get value from being part of our community in other ways.

If you’re a practitioner or service provider you can join our professional community, through which you can promote your business and generate work. Writing for us then becomes an important way to raise your profile, build authority and gain trust with our audience.

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