Four Steps to Transformation – Finding Your Essence

Posted by Nikki Wyatt, Monday 25th September, 2017

Why is there often such a gap between what we yearn for and what we actually have in our life? Most people’s wish list includes loving relationships, vibrant health, abundant finances and fulfilling work but so often, despite our best efforts, life falls short of the dream.

The gap happens because the world that we see outside us is perceived through a lens created by our thoughts and feelings and our beliefs about ourselves. These are what determine our actions, our goals, our physical health and our body language, which in turn determines how people respond to us. In any given moment we’re receiving what we unconsciously expect from the Universe.

No amount of conscious affirming and positive thinking will counteract a deep unconscious fear or entrenched belief which has closed the door to fulfillment. So when life isn’t working out the way you want, changing how you feel is always the best place to start.

Once upon a time we may have felt the need to delve for years into our unconscious but with metaphysics demonstrating the vibrational nature of the universe, there’s a whole array of tools and techniques in the vibrational medicine cabinet which can bring about profound change in a far shorter time.

Whatever approach you decide to go for, there are four essential steps to the kind of profound change which allows you to expand your consciousness, create more exciting goals and express more of who you really are.

Four Steps to Transformation

  • Awareness

We cannot change what we’re not aware of, so the first step is always to bring what is currently buried in our unconscious into our awareness. This requires willingness, a safe space, effective tools and sometimes an experienced guide.

  • Acceptance

Once you’re aware of something, you have a choice how to respond. The reason it was buried in the first place was because it was judged unacceptable, so the temptation may be to push it away, deny it, minimise it or blame someone else for it.

The trait may not have fitted with the image that you needed to project to get love and approval. For example your enthusiasm for dance may have been seen as unsuitable for a boy, your intelligence, empathy, charisma, assertiveness, adventurousness or emotional intensity, even your very existence, may have felt threatening to others.

If aspects of your core essence weren’t held, treasured and nurtured then part of your journey back to wholeness is for you to take on this caring role for yourself now.

  • Expression

Feeling safe enough to express disowned parts of yourself can be incredibly liberating. If you were teased for your voice when you were young, then the first time you sing in public may feel terrifying, but the surge of self-confidence when you overcome that fear will be exhilarating. One more bar of your limiting prison will be gone, one more colour will be back in your personal rainbow.

  • Integration

Each time you embrace a suppressed aspect of yourself you become more authentically yourself. You’ll have more strings to your bow, a greater range of music you can access and more talented people you can play with. This brings about relaxation and expansiveness at all levels: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.

As these buried parts of you emerge they may trigger memories of your first experiences when they weren’t welcomed, so it’s important to find resources to support you in loving, accepting and integrating what arises.

Finding Your Essence

Some of the most effective tools I’ve found have been essences made from elements in the natural world. We’re all expressions of source energy and when that expression becomes distorted because we’ve shut parts of ourselves down Nature will always have the vibration to match the imbalance: an essence which has just the right frequency to remind you of your original healthy blueprint.

For example in the Bach remedy system if you’ve withdrawn and isolated yourself through deep unconscious grief, which you may identify as a sense of not belonging or not fitting in, Water Violet essence will flood your energy field with the frequency of joy. In the same way that it’s hard to stay depressed around the pure spontaneous happiness of a child or a young animal, the frequency of grief cannot remain in the presence of that exuberant expression of life force.

Likewise if you’re holding onto anger or jealousy the Bach remedy of Holly will pierce the protective armour around your heart with the frequency of unconditional love. The light of such love will banish the shadows of negativity, allowing compassion to do its healing work.

Bach Flower Remedies and Beyond

The 38 Bach flower remedies (which also include many tree blossoms and a water essence) cover the key mental, emotional and spiritual states of imbalance any of us are ever likely to feel. Their effect is swift and they are fantastic for easing the passage of emotional storms, mental overwhelm or spiritual disconnection.

Dr Bach created his system in the 1930s and since then there has been an explosion in the creation of essences, as more and more of us understand the healing that’s available from the natural world. Not only that, but we’re more willing to dig to ever deeper levels of transformation, so that essences are emerging from all over the animal, mineral, marine and angelic kingdoms. Even essences which reflect sounds, colours and planetary energies are now being introduced.

These don’t just help to keep us on an even keel, they actively draw out deep cellular memories which may be ancestral or past life in nature. As well as shedding light on what may otherwise seem to be irrational reactions, they can also help us to reawaken talents and connections in relationships that we may not have been aware of.

One of the huge advantages of drawing from the natural world is that the energy will always reflect our highest state of planetary evolution. Plants, trees and fresh water for example, are in constant communication with the cosmos, as are we, whether we’re aware of it or not.

The Gifts of Awakening

As I embraced more of myself during my training in vibrational medicine I discovered a ‘knowing’ for what others needed for balance. This process, known as attuning, has been one of the most wonderful gifts I’ve discovered in my own journey of transformation and has enabled me to help so many others find their unique gifts too.

Sometimes intensely moving, sometimes hilarious, spirit always finds a way to let me know the most appropriate and effective essences for somebody. With my very limited botanical knowledge it can feel like a game of charades. Being shown a daisy as part of my inner vision is one thing, letting me know that somebody needs an orchid which glories in the name Lemboglossum Bictoniense takes real imagination!

We all have this ability to know what’s best for us – we just need to connect deeply enough and listen at a different level. At its simplest, a walk in nature allows for a dialogue with a greater intelligence whether we’re aware of it or not. Most of us just notice that we come back refreshed, inspired and re-energised.

Each time I tune in I’m aware of this universal intelligence, this deep love which holds all of us, even in our darkest moments. Mother nature created us and there are no surprises, no accidents and no new lessons. Whatever you’re struggling with, the perfect blend of balancing frequencies is available to bring you back into flow. There’s a reason they’re called flow-er remedies, we just mispronounce them!

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