You Can Heal Chronic Illness, The Lotus Process: 8 Steps to Health and Happiness

Posted by Frances Goodall, Thursday 17th May, 2018

I created The Lotus Process following my arduous five-year journey from disabling Chronic Fatigue Syndrome to vibrant health. I truly believe we all have the potential to heal ourselves and hope these 8 Steps to Health and Happiness provide a roadmap for you, your clients, friends or family to take the journey from illness to health.

Step 1: Acceptance and Surrender

The first stage of healing is to accept what is for now. The more you can let go and move into surrender, acceptance, and gratitude, the more you can build a strong foundation to support a health recovery path.

Many times over the last decade, I have witnessed the power of accepting what is – just for now. Once there is acceptance and peace about what is, the body and nervous system relax and our health can start to improve.

You may have heard the phrase ‘what we resist persists, what we accept can change’. To truly reach acceptance there may be a need to work through grief, anger or frustration first, and that’s ok too, that’s often a part of the process of moving to a deeper acceptance and surrender.

Step 2: Belief and Commitment

Belief in your ability to heal and being committed to your path to wellbeing are both powerful tools. You CAN heal chronic illness. Keep going, and when you have doubt, work through it to get yourself back on track.

In order to heal, we need to believe we can. We need to believe in the process or techniques we are using. I’ve done it, and you can do it too.

Step 3: Self-Care and Resources

Remember to look after yourself with compassion on a daily basis and follow your joy.

You could start with Donna Eden’s 5-minute Energy Medicine routine (available on YouTube) followed by a morning meditation before breakfast. You may like to pause for moments throughout the day to relax your nervous system.

You might simply choose one of these exercises to embrace fully and integrate into your life when you are feeling the need for some fresh, healing resources.

This step is also about eating well, practicing good sleep habits and including movement such as Yoga, Chi Kung or walking in nature in your daily routine. It is about learning the art of self-love, exploring your creativity and calming your nervous system to reach an optimal state for healing.

Step 4: Community and Support

We are social animals and benefit greatly from having external support systems in place in order to thrive. Enhance your healing path through the power of community, relationships and by surrounding yourself with loving support.

Develop close relationships as they are really valuable while you heal, and remain so for the rest of your life. A sense of isolation or loneliness will only make a condition harder to recover from. Get what support and connection you can by exploring different kinds of relationships: women’s and men’s circles or therapeutic support.

Know that you deserve the help and validation you need. Having a strong community around you will help you navigate the path to health.

Step 5: Overcoming Blocks to Healing

This part of your healing path is about discovering what might have led you to become unwell in the first place. Learn to recognise your unconscious resistance to recovery by exploring personality traits, inner blocks and secondary gains of illness. It’s important to tenderly look at the roots of certain traits that may be out of balance whilst honouring and harnessing the positive qualities and gifts of your personality.

Step 6: Purpose and Authenticity

This step covers the power of finding a purpose, big or small, to inspire you to keep focused and committed to healing. Purpose is about discovering your unique contribution to others or to the world: something that is meaningful to you. Discovering a true purpose is connected to authenticity and we all thrive if we can reveal our authentic self.

Step 7: Healing your Past

Is your past your past? Have you truly left it behind you, or have you brought it with you into the present as painful memories, thoughts, conditioned responses and muscular tension?

This step is about healing emotional wounds and trauma from your body-mind system. Healing your past has the potential to support a deep and lasting recovery, giving you greater strength and resilience.

To be clear, you do not need to resolve all your past baggage to heal physically, indeed you may not need to resolve any and the other steps presented here may be enough. However, I believe it is helpful to gently explore the roots of your patterns and conditioning for long-lasting recovery and health with a personal therapist or in a trusted group setting.  This awareness will offer support as you move into a deeper place of peace and wholeness. Learning from the past will enrich your life and relationships in amazing ways.

Step 8: Sustaining Health and Wholeness

This step is vital for keeping the health benefits you receive as you recover and to help you stay in balance. Remember to keep up your self-care practice even when you’re fully well. Be aware of unhealthy or old patterns that may come back as you heal and keep up your own personal growth and development. I invite you to embrace and to develop your whole self. Embodied, Connected, Courageous and Present.

“It was almost 9 years ago that I became completely disabled with MCS and CFS. I have been fully well for 3 years and enjoy a full work, family and social life.’’ Susan, US

“It’s absolutely possible to recover and put it behind you and start afresh. I know this, because I did it myself.” Zara, UK

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