Rasheed joins BBC Learning Website as expert

Top tips for you or your teenagers: The exam results season starts today with the Scottish results. I’m delighted to part of expert team on the BBC Learning Website which offers tips and advice whatever your r...

Rasheed Ogunlaru

Coach - Speaker - Author

Posted August 7th 2018

The Bridge Retreat – One day taster experience

Saturday 17 February 2018, 10.30am to 4.30pm, NW London This one-day workshop, hosted by Co-founder Donna Lancaster, allows curious people to come along and find out more about The Bridge model for healing. For full details or to book, visit www.thebridge...

Donna Lancaster

Co-Founder of The Bridge Retreat. Life & Relationship Coach

Posted February 13th 2018

Natural Alternatives at the Menopause Workshop

We had a lovely day at the Natural Alternatives at the Menopause Workshop recently. If you missed it you can read about it in my post on Menopause Workshops in Lewes. Please do get in touch if you have any questions about these days or one-to-one appointm...

Lynne Russell

Homeopath, Coach, NLP & Hypnotherapy Practitioner

Posted September 13th 2017

Two New Online Coaching Sessions!!

Visit the Store to find full details of the Coaching Sessions now available from Expert Contributors Eliza Meredith and Emanuela Fulli. Eliza will be helping to tame that inner critic and Emanuela will be showing you ways to be happy and to stay happy. Yo...

Posted September 7th 2017

Find out more about The Bridge Retreat

Our next Information Evening will be held on Wednesday 13 September, 2017 at Violet Hills Studios, 6 Violet Hill, London, NW8 9EB. It’s a great opportunity to ask questions of The Bridge Team and hear from past participants. It’s free and all ...

Donna Lancaster

Co-Founder of The Bridge Retreat. Life & Relationship Coach

Posted September 7th 2017

Travel news!

Getting excited about my first visit to Israel this October to facilitate the wonderful Path of Love ...

Simon Matthews


Posted August 21st 2017

Awakening of Love comes to Devon

Awakening of Love is a 3-day residential workshop being held in Devon, September 22-24, 2017 at Rill Estate in Buckfastleigh. Its a superb introduction to the world-renowned Path of Love.  The weekend will be run by our Expert Contributor, Simon Matthews...

Posted August 16th 2017

1:1 Online Coaching Sessions now available

Coaching is about being a better you and our 1:1 online sessions are designed to help you be just that. Pop to the Store for more details or to book a session with one of our Expert Contributors...

Posted August 14th 2017

Guru Circus launches to the public!

It's with great excitement - and a fair amount of relief - that Guru Circus launches to the public today! Our Facebook community has had a sneak preview over the last couple of weeks, and now from today we're well and truly on the way to inspiring a mill...

Posted September 7th 2016

Mind Body Green

I have just been published on Mind Body Green, and you can get articles regularly on my personal website on various topics such as wellbeing, mindfulness, nutrition, self care and motivation. ...

Sacha Stewart

Wellness and Personal Development Coach

Posted June 14th 2016

The French Retreat

My family-run retreat centre in South West France opened in July 2015. The French Retreat, as it is known, hosts a range of personal development experiences throughout the year and is the home of an annual programme of retreat events, workshops and couple...

Matthew Pruen

Coach, Facilitator, Consultant

Posted June 14th 2016

My news, events and top tips

My events:  My website:  My news on Twitter: @RasheedOgunlaru My Facebook Page   Enjoy my YouTube Channel:   Keep posted on Instagram + my resource for sole traders, small business and mind...

Rasheed Ogunlaru

Coach - Speaker - Author

Posted June 14th 2016

World Hearing Voices Congress

I have just returned from Madrid and the World Hearing Voices Congress.  I loved meeting people from all over the world who are taking things forward.  There is a love and camaraderie in the Voice Hearers movement that is very special and not something ...

Matthew Morris

Cluttered Homes Consultant

Posted June 14th 2016

Polyvagal theory

I am currently investigating Polyvagal theory, and wondering about how this may influence my work, and how to assist individuals  to regulate their visceral state, in order for them to benefit from mindfulness. ...

Rosemarie Morgan-Watson

Mindfulness in Motion Coach and Trainer

Posted June 14th 2016

New collaborative association

I am currently part of a core team developing a new collaborative association of Enneagram Teachers in the UK that brings teachers together from the Riso-Hudson Insight Approach and the Palmer Daniels Narrative tradition. Enneagram Alive has several Meet-...

Grahame Morgan-Watson

Enneagram Professional & Personal Development Coach

Posted June 14th 2016

The Secret Bridge

I am currently writing, procrastinating and writing a book about Grief and Ritual for Healing called ‘The Secret Bridge to Joy’. ...

Donna Lancaster

Co-Founder of The Bridge Retreat. Life & Relationship Coach

Posted June 14th 2016

Is your business ready to glow?

It’s been a busy and deliciously varied year at Glow in 2015. We’ve helped businesses grow by… partnering with large-scale industrial print teams to reimagine patient journeys for chronic conditions collaborating with Award-winning So...

Laura Gelder-Robertson

Director, Glow Innovation

Posted June 14th 2016

Illuminating the World

Rather than send christmas cards this year I decided to donate 1% of profits to the astonishing Kickstarter “Solarpuff” innovation project – an ex MIT professor who has pioneered a low cost, sustainable, solar-powered light for peo...

Laura Gelder-Robertson

Director, Glow Innovation

Posted June 14th 2016

I’m currently interested in

how people can develop and create enough space in their lives – and in their heads – to enable their creativity and ideas to flow the concept of ‘work as love in action’ and how we can balance performance with compassion, empathy...

Helena Clayton

Coach and Facilitator

Posted June 14th 2016

Helena Clayton joins the Guru Bar

Now's a great time to ask for some help from our expert panel in the Guru Bar, as we have a new line- up. I'm delighted to tell you that Helena Clayton has agreed to join the panel and share her personal development expertise and experience. Helena is a...

Posted November 2nd 2013

Guru Circus comes to life!

Welcome to Guru Circus! It's really quite something that you're here and especially pleasing to be able to share with you our launch and the vision that lies behind it. The world of personal development is quite simply huge, both in terms of  its diver...

Posted October 19th 2013


Our pilot site is no more. But what a useful project it's been, and without it Guru Circus would not be about to launch. went live at 11pm on December 28th, 2012 following months of preparation. The idea was to creat...

Posted October 11th 2013

New name, new website!

I'm very excited to be able to tell you now that we're about to relaunch under a brand new name! went live 9 months ago as a public beta to test out some of the ideas I had, whilst also putting in place the technology needed to publish ...

Posted October 5th 2013

Guru Circus Professional Community

Next month we'll be launching the Guru Circus professional community for anyone who offers a personal growth product or service. So if you're a coach or therapist, if you run workshops, write books or websites about personal growth, or if you create onli...

Posted September 6th 2013

All new Guru Bar

The Guru Bar - our dedicated place for questions about any aspect of personal development or self-awareness - has had its first major upgrade. The new technology works in a similar way to before, but looks better and is much more stable. You can also no...

Posted April 27th 2013

Soul Astrology – free, live webinar today – 7.30pm UK time

Margaret Koolman uses astrological theory to create a whole new way of looking at our lives in their entirety - from a soul perspective. Her approach is both practical and down-to-earth, and yet offers a unique window into the realm of the essential, or ...

Posted April 23rd 2013

Rasheed Ogunlaru joins the Guru Bar

I'm really pleased to tell you that Rasheed Ogunlaru today completes the line up of experts in the Guru Bar. Rasheed brings with him a wealth of experience of coaching a huge range of clients from chief executives to entertainers and entrepreneurs. He...

Posted April 23rd 2013

Relationships webinar this Wednesday

If you're looking to improve your relationships our next live webinar Making Relationships Work, could help you start. Donna Lancaster and Matthew Pruen teach the skills that support happy, healthy and authentic relationship, whether at home with the peo...

Posted April 8th 2013

Leanne Lowish joins the Guru Bar

If you're pondering a question to ask the Gurus I'm pleased to tell you that we now have our full complement of 5 personal development experts ready and willing to give you the benefit of their experience. Leanne Lowish is a hugely experienced internat...

Posted March 4th 2013

Community update – our first month has been online now for 6 weeks and I have been both amazed and encouraged by the response. There really is no doubt now about the potential of this project to really support you in exploring who you are. The number of people getting i...

Posted February 13th 2013

Enneagram webinar with Grahame Morgan-Watson

We're delighted to confirm Grahame Morgan-Watson as our second webinar guest on Thurs 31st January and very much hope you'll be able to join us too, for what will be an inspiring look at how to use the Enneagram in your life. Grahame is an NLP trainer, ...

Posted January 23rd 2013

‘Bringing the Enneagram to Life’ – free, live webinar this Thurs at 7.30pm UK time

Whether you've study the Enneagram before or are completely new to it you're welcome to join us for our next live webinar with Grahame Morgan-Watson. Grahame is one of a handful of Enneagram Teachers working in the UK accredited by the Riso-Hudson Enneag...

Posted January 23rd 2013

Only 9 new members to go until the Forum opens

We are nine members away from creating the Founding 50 and opening the Forum! I'm very excited about getting the Forum up and running, as it will be a place for us all to meet and talk about the things that are important to us.  The things that interest...

Posted January 21st 2013

You’ve visited us over 1000 times! Thank you!

It's only 20 days since we launched and we've just had our 1000th visit! I can't believe how soon it's happened - and of course I'm absolutely delighted that with no proper advertising or marketing so many of you have found us - and much more importantly...

Posted January 17th 2013

Our first live webinar is this Thursday – can you join us?

Our first live webinar Work, Sex, Money, Dharma with Martin Aylward is this Thursday at 7.30pm UK time (11.30am PT / 2.30pm ET). It would be great to have you with us for what we hope will be an enjoyable and useful conversation about Mindfulness practice...

Posted January 16th 2013

The Impulse to Evolve [Video] – Part 2 now available

The second part of Martin Aylward's video series The Impulse to Evolve is now available. In Part 1 Martin explored this impulse and how our longing for something better fuels our inner growth and transformation. In continuing the series Martin now turns...

Posted January 13th 2013

Welcome to visitors from Moulin de Chaves

A very warm welcome if you're visiting us from Martin Aylward's network at Moulin de Chaves in France - I hope you enjoy your visit. We're delighted that Martin is our first webinar guest this Thursday, 17th January at 7.30pm UK time. The webinar is cal...

Posted January 12th 2013

What is a webinar and how to take part

A webinar is simply a seminar on the web - hence webinar! We'll be holding regular webinars with practitioners, service providers, authors, guest speakers and members of our community who have expertise or experience to share, or an interesting story to t...

Posted January 11th 2013

Welcome to MetaMe newsletter readers

A very warm welcome to readers of Grahame and Rosemarie Morgan-Watson's MetaMe newsletter, it's brilliant that you've taken the time to visit us. I've known Grahame and Rosemarie for about seven years from our involvement in regular Diamond Approach retre...

Posted January 8th 2013

Are you having a problem logging-in?

A couple of people have contacted me about difficulties they were having logging-in. I'm trying to establish how wide-spread this problem is and what's causing it - as others seem to be having no problem at all. It looks as if the problem comes about if y...

Posted January 6th 2013

Our first week – how’s it gone and who’s been looking? went live at 11.00pm on Fri 28th December, just one week ago. So how's it gone? Who's been looking? And what needs to happen next? In short, it's been a really amazing week and all the early indicators are very positive. I'm thoroughly d...

Posted January 5th 2013

Margaret Koolman joins the Guru Bar

You might have noticed that the Guru Bar hasn't had it's full complement of 5 experts since we launched - and more to the point it's been an unnecessarily blokey affair to boot. Rest assured we've been on the case and are very pleased to welcome Margaret ...

Posted January 3rd 2013

Welcome to Chantry Health newsletter readers

If you're visiting us today from reading the Chantry Health New Year newsletter, you're very welcome. Lynne Russell is one of our first contributors and has written a great article about navigating your own journey of personal change, entitled 'How Do You...

Posted January 2nd 2013

Review section under development

You may be wondering why the Review section of is still under development. It's a good question and in some ways not ideal, but I wanted to launch the site as soon as I could as your involvement brings the whole project alive, giving me ...

Posted January 1st 2013

Martin Aylward to be our first webinar guest

Martin Aylward has a wealth of knowledge about Mindfulness and meditation.  He has studied in Asian monasteries and with Himalayan hermits.  More recently he founded the Moulin de Chaves Meditation Centre in South West France. We're so pleased Martin wi...

Posted December 29th 2012 goes live!

I'm delighted to be able to finally say to you, welcome to! It's been a long time in the coming, ten years in fact from the original idea and a good twelve months of actually doing something about it. Our aim is to become the first-choic...

Posted December 28th 2012