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  • “Sooner or later you’ll hear what your heart has always been telling you; stop trying to be who you think you should be – become who you are."

    Rasheed Ogunlaru

Become who you are

Session Leader Rasheed Ogunlaru

90 minutes 1:1 online coaching

A soothing session to help you arrive at a place of greater peace of mind – and appreciation/acceptance of yourself and life itself.  Join Rasheed for a session that invites and enables you to move from being overly caught up in mind to living by heart.

Who's the session for?

This session is for you if you:

  • are on a journey of ‘self’ discovery
  • have a noisy mind you wish to calm
  • want greater inner peace
  • want a sense of greater appreciation, acceptance and fulfillment
  • want to move from fighting yourself or life to embracing it
  • if you wish to re-connect to yourself, your gifts and abilities.

Aims / Benefits / Takeaways

This session will help you arrive at a place of greater peace of mind by being at peace with the contents of your mind. It helps you to gently note, be aware of mind, thought and our life stories rather than being too bogged down by them. The ‘become who you are’ is what happens as this noise calms and you re-connect to yourself.

You will leave the session:

  • With a new or renewed appreciation of yourself and life itself
  • Aware and mindful of mind / thought – rather than analysing it
  • Less caught up or weighed down by thought and your life story
  • Reconnected to yourself and your qualities.


This session – based on Rasheed’s soothing talk /audio book title of the same name – will help you to arrive at greater peace of mind and appreciation of yourself and life itself through stepping back and being mindful of the flow of life and the mind.

Often starting / ending in 2 minutes of silence, the sessions tend to cover these stages:

  • Your life story in 1 minute
  • The myth of modern living
  • The root before the problem (life before your mind got noisy)
  • Shopping basket of ideas (5-10min gentle tour of life/mind)
  • Brushing the dust from the flower (let your story be + you free)
  • Call off the search – (recognise that you are already here)
  • The value of fear – (how doubt + fear can alert / protect you)
  • You’re already whole (all springs from what you already have)
  • The present + birthplace of true liberation (being connected / appreciative)



Become who you are

Session Leader Rasheed Ogunlaru

90 minutes 1:1 online coaching

Session price £180.00 (inc VAT)

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Rasheed Ogunlaru

Coach - Speaker - Author

Rasheed Ogunlaru is a leading life coach, speaker and business / corporate coach. His clients include entertainers, entrepreneurs and Chief Executives. He is author of Soul Trader – Putting the Heart Back Into Your Business and The Gift of Inner Success. He has appeared on ITV and BBC News and is business coach partner to the British Library.

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