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Creating a stress-free, mindful life

Session Leader Sacha Stewart

90 minutes 1:1 online coaching

Through mindfulness practices, nutritional guidance and lifestyle directions, we work together to improve your overall health and wellness.

I give you simple tools that you can use everyday, so you can be more effective in both the workplace and in your personal time.

Who's the session for?

Professionals that are under consistent stress.  Stress is the underlying cause of 80 – 90% of disease and the UN calls it an epidemic.

However using stress reduction techniques can benefit you to:

  • Improve your immunity and health
  • Reduce anxiety
  • Get better sleep
  • Have more clarity and focus
  • Be more productive
  • Have more connection to yourself or something deeper
  • Be more present with your partner or children
  • Have greater wellbeing and peace.

Aims / Benefits / Takeaways

My aim is to:

  • Give you tools and knowledge on how to manage your stress levels
  • Encourage you to see food as medicine
  • Assist you to create practices of self care.
  • Let you see how small shifts can have a big impact on your life
  • Give you belief that you can make and sustain changes, and that anything is possible.
  • Support you as you make these changes with empathy, understanding and respect.


1:1 coaching allows you to focus in on a specific area of change to help guide you to get results.

In this session with a specific focus on stress and learning mindfulness practices, you benefit by discovering:

  • What mindfulness actually is and the benefits it can provide.
  • An understanding of stress reduction techniques and how they can be used in every day life.
  • The one minute breathing exercise that can turn off the fight or flight syndrome when faced with chronic stress and anxiety.
  • Simple techniques that can be used in the workplace to bring back clarity and focus.
  • Understand how mindful living can help us deal with stress and our emotions in healthy ways to have better relationships in the workplace and at home.

My aim is to create a non-judgemental, empathetic environment to empower and inspire you, to achieve your vision for life and wellbeing.

You have an innate intelligence and wisdom about yourself and your body.  I’m here to help you recognise that knowledge and bring out the best in you.

Creating a stress-free, mindful life

Session Leader Sacha Stewart

90 minutes 1:1 online coaching

Session price £150.00

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Sacha Stewart

Wellness and Personal Development Coach

Sacha is a wellness and personal development coach at Live. Love. Thrive. Certified professionally from Wellcoaches and the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, she is passionate about assisting others to live life well, combining balance and healthy mindful habits. Her commitment to her clients also comes from her own life experiences, some of which have been taking leaps of faith to change direction in life, and she is dedicated to assisting others in transitional stages of their journey.

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