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  • "Happiness is a natural, but often forgotten, mode or state of being human."

    Emanuela Fulli

  • "It is possible to be happy and to stay happy. We just have to learn how!"

    Emanuela Fulli

  • "I am a Holist and a Coach therefore my approach involves seeing my clients as a whole, made of body, soul and mind and I work with each level. My goal is to help people empower themselves."

    Emanuela Fulli

Find Your Real Happiness with Holistic Coaching

Session Leader Emanuela Fulli

90 minutes 1:1 online coaching

The first necessary step towards happiness is starting to work on yourself. For this process you bring the desire to make changes, willpower and trust and I bring empathy, knowledge and passion.

Starting from where you are, we will go through a process which will allow you to understand how we are made, how we work and what to do to unlock your potential and your resources for a fulfilling and happier life.

Who's the session for?

For those:

  • who think they are missing something in life
  • who feel stuck in a situation
  • who are tired of being confused and lost

Aims / Benefits / Takeaways

Clarity, freedom, authenticity, acceptance, self-awareness, self-confidence, self-respect … in one word HAPPINESS!

You will be able to understand your inner patterns, to balance your responses and to feel more relaxed.


My holistic approach does not differentiate between life and business or any other areas in our lives. It is about the equilibrium between our body, mind and soul.

The session will be a safe place where you can be yourself, express your emotions and challenge your thoughts. It will be a structured conversation with the aim of moving you forward towards happiness.

In order to change the perception of your reality you can expect mainly questions, to help you explore your unique inner world, and some helpful information regarding Emanuela’s Happiness Theory.

It will be the beginning of a life-changing journey!




Find Your Real Happiness with Holistic Coaching

Session Leader Emanuela Fulli

90 minutes 1:1 online coaching

Session price £110.00

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Emanuela Fulli

Holist, ICF PCC Coach, Humanistic-Exixtential Counsellor, Reiki 2 practitioner, Level 2 Certificate in Nutrition & Health

Emanuela is Italian and lives in the UK. She likes to call herself Innovation Creator. She is active and lively, creative and rational at the same time and she mixes knowledge with passion in all the projects, always with a strategic perspective. She likes to work with people. She loves nature, good food and good wine, travelling and handicrafts.

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