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  • "Amazing transformations are possible if we can get the help we need."

    Matthew Morris

  • “Making sense makes a difference.”

    Matthew Morris

  • “Compassion, empathy, honesty and trust can be the ingredients for relationships that make change happen.”

    Matthew Morris

Finding clarity through clutter

Session Leader Matthew Morris

90 minutes 1:1 online coaching

This session will facilitate reflection on your relationship with possessions, or with what you or others consider clutter.

Through curiosity and compassionate investigation we can find new ways to contemplate and implement change.

Who's the session for?

Anyone who wishes to explore how they or others feel about their relationship with possessions. Or anyone who perhaps feels that clutter is impacting their life in a way that distresses them.

Aims / Benefits / Takeaways

By the end of the session, you will:

  • know that you have been actively heard.
  • will feel that your experiences and feelings are important and valuable.
  • have thoughts and ideas to reflect upon.
  • have a number of things that you can try out at home, or at work.
  • know that you are not alone.
  • know that where you felt overwhelmed there is hope.

Amazing transformations are possible and even likely once you are able to reduce your fears and open your mind to new possibilities.


Initially it would be great to get to know you.  Who you are, why you want to talk to me, what help you would like, and how would you know if I had helped. I am sure there will be questions that you want to ask me, and there will be things we need to agree on at the start. Things that allow you to feel safe, respected and valued.

Sessions are flexible so that things can adapt and can change according to how you are feeling and what you feel or think is important to address at that time. It is my role to help us to keep in mind the overall aims and facilitate reflection about how things may relate to one another.

You can anticipate that I will always be curious about you and what is happening for you, and also about what has happened in your life and how this may relate to your relationships with possessions.

My experience so far that as far as the key issues are concerned, it is never about the stuff! However, for some people there are many practical issues that have to be considered, therefore it is important, at some point, that we talk about these and try to find practical solutions.

At the end of every conversation, we will reflect a little on what we have discovered together and, with agreement, make some plans for how you may be able to utilise what you have learned.

Finding clarity through clutter

Session Leader Matthew Morris

90 minutes 1:1 online coaching

Session price £144.00 (inc VAT)

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Matthew Morris

Cluttered Homes Consultant

I have worked with people experiencing emotional distress, challenges and personal discovery for many years now. Most recently helping people overwhelmed by their possessions. I hope that I am able to listen attentively, that I am compassionate, honest, that I am thoughtful, kind and am able to show people empathy. If I am change is inevitable.

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