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  • "At times it is necessary to allow for an incubation stage; gathering, resting, researching, preparing on different levels. Overt action is not at all times the way forward.”

    Alex Klokkaris

  • "Make time to live consciously with awareness and balance. Then you will have the ears to listen to the whispers and the eyes to notice the signs and messages. That would be your intuition calling.”

    Alex Klokkaris

  • “Work on self-acceptance, raise your expectations, set the intention, take the right action and allow time to do its work."

    Alex Klokkaris

Purpose, meaning and direction

Session Leader Alex Klokkaris

90 minutes 1:1 online coaching

A focused coaching session where we will explore themes that run throughout your life. We will begin to untangle and weave some threads about who you are, what your main challenges are and where you’re going. Big questions, ones that once every few years are probably healthy to ask, to renew your clarity, direction, perspective and motivation!

Who's the session for?

This session is for you if you:

  • are seeking clarity and are willing and ready to re-evaluate aspects of your life path that you are struggling with;
  • have lost yourself a bit and need to reconnect to your current truths and values;
  • are just wondering ‘Is this IT? (and suspect it isn’t);
  • are wanting to explore what it’s all about for you and find ways forward with it.

Aims / Benefits / Takeaways

This session will give you the opportunity to:

  • gain greater clarity as to what really matters to you;
  • reconnect to your authentic values and begin to shape your truth;
  • identify and speak about what makes life worthwhile for you;
  • identify the main barriers to your better life;
  • begin to explore possibilities that are meaningful to you;
  • the topic of the session will be yours, as this is about you and where you are.

Taking the first steps with a coach means that the work you do on yourself is amplified and reinforced.

Begin to develop a different perspective that will help you move forward


After a little relevant general background on your chosen topic, I look forward to working with you in exploring the different elements and clarifying our area of focus.

I will be asking you exploratory questions which will guide us both to a clearer understanding of your main themes.

We will look at some of the challenges you face and how they relate to your own inner truth.

We will focus on the bigger picture of your journey and begin to make more conscious what it is you are wanting at this stage in your life.

Purpose, meaning and direction

Session Leader Alex Klokkaris

90 minutes 1:1 online coaching

Session price £150.00

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Alex Klokkaris

Life Coach and Workshop Facilitator

My work enables people from all walks of life to reassess and re-evaluate in order to discover the nuggets of gold within each challenge life presents to us.
Following a personal breakthrough in my twenties, I have been on an amazing path of self -discovery and awareness while helping others to do the same. After years of inner searching and vigorous training in therapies and coaching, I operate as Catalyst and Bridge. I help people identify and release limitations and achieve insights and breakthroughs to move forward.

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