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  • "Depression is a distorted lens. What we see and feel, when we are depressed, is not a true reflection of reality."

    Matthew Pruen

  • "All positive change begins with self-love, self-compassion and self-forgiveness."

    Matthew Pruen

  • "When we rehabilitate our attitude to ourselves, we start to see life in all its beauty and our vision for joy blossoms all around us effortlessly."

    Matthew Pruen

Depression breakthrough – a choice for life

Session Leader Matthew Pruen

90 minutes 1:1 online coaching

A chance to scramble the old programming and re-launch your life. Get some clarity on what you’re going through and try out some simple strategies for living a life you really want to live, rather than one you feel stuck in.

Who's the session for?

Anyone open-hearted, curious and committed to change.

Aims / Benefits / Takeaways

Insights into our common human struggle with depression.

Simple daily spiritual practices with tried and tested results.

A chance to grow a deep affection for yourself and have that reflected in your life choices and self care.


Some schools of thought approach depression bio-chemically. Others see it in terms of genetics. When we’re in it ourselves, it’s tempting to see it as a case of bad luck – almost as if we caught it like a virus – and now we’re stuck as hapless victims of the black dog.

In this 90 minute session Matthew Pruen will coach you into new, compassionate self-awareness by shining light on how depression is, above all, the outcome of compulsive behaviour. A misguided attempt to protect ourselves from repeating disappointment that ultimately leads us straight back to the very heartbreak we were seeking to avoid. You will see where you are, where you have been and, most importantly, where you are heading on the road between despair and hope. You will come to see the choices that have led you here as well as identify new practices that will help you find lasting breakthrough.

A 90 minute session, of course, is no magic wand, but what should not be underestimated is how affecting self-compassion is as a catalyst for positive change. Beating yourself up with self-criticism is a catastrophically hopeless way of going about changing. Reclaiming joy is nothing less than heroic.

How long since you looked on yourself with the loving, respectful kindness your predicament truly deserves? In this coaching session, you will launch yourself on the path of self-love and get a motivating taste of the life your heart desires.

Like all self-loving initiatives, breaking through depression is accompanied, immediately, by resistance. With this in mind, in this session, you will unearth and honestly face the often unconscious, self-sabotaging thoughts, beliefs and actions that keep you stuck. The intention is that by raising your awareness and opening your heart, you can recover your spirit and start living a life you truly want to live.



Depression breakthrough – a choice for life

Session Leader Matthew Pruen

90 minutes 1:1 online coaching

Session price £130.00

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Matthew Pruen

Coach, Facilitator, Consultant

Matthew is a Relationship & Life Coach, Group Facilitator and Supervising Hoffman Process Teacher. He helps people make peace with themselves, their pasts and others. He teaches a Conflict Resolution Programme in the Middle East using processes that ease both conflicted communities and warring relationships. And he makes the best baba ganoush.

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