Write for us

If you’ve got something to say about personal growth, self-discovery or human potential, we’d love to hear from you.

Whether you’re a seasoned professional or just starting out, we’re always looking for great content about what it is to be human.

Who can write for us?

Anyone with something to say that’s relevant to our audience. That includes professional practitioners, service providers, authors, journalists and industry experts, as well as individuals with an interest in their own personal development or the field in general.

If you haven’t written for us before and need some help, we’d be pleased to guide you through the process – it’s very straightforward. Please get in touch on info@gurucircus.com.

Why write for Guru Circus?

Firstly, we’re creating an exciting, worldwide resource for everyone interested in personal growth. By writing for us you’ll become a respected voice in our community.

From a personal perspective you’re supporting others by sharing your valuable experience. Making a contribution in this way can feel very rewarding.

If you’re a professional in the field – a practitioner, service provider or industry expert – you’ll also be gaining exposure to our ever-growing readership, many of whom will be interested in your work.

The professional benefits of writing for us will enable you to:

  • raise your professional profile
  • build your authority
  • create interest in your work
  • generate traffic to your site
  • improve your SEO 

What type of content are we looking for?

We want you to write something of real value to our audience, whilst at the same time maintaining our house style.

Our mission is to become the first-choice online resource for everyone interested in personal development and self-discovery – your writing needs to support that aim and resonate with our audience.

If you’re a professional it could easily be about an aspect of your work, but it must not promote your business or be commercial – except for the fact that it’s you who’s writing it!

What about style and tone of voice?

Our audience is curious, intelligent, open-minded and well-informed. They particularly appreciate writing that is:

  • Useful
  • Conversational
  • Focused
  • Thought-provoking
  • Timeless

We love original writing styles and have no need for you to sound like our other contributors. It’s your voice we want to hear, because we know that will engage and delight our audience.

What topics work for your audience?

Our readers are very diverse in interest and viewpoint, so we want to include as many voices and subjects as possible. Here are just a few topics that would work for our audience:

  • Self-awareness
  • Positive psychology
  • Neuroscience
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Psychological development
  • Communication
  • Leadership
  • Meaning and purpose
  • Relationships
  • Spiritual practice
  • Human shadow
  • Mindfulness
  • Parenting

This is just a taste of the subject areas that would work. If you’re at all unsure about whether your topic fits our brief, please get in touch and ask –  we’re open to ideas and suggestions!

Contributing to Guru Circus is easy

We’ve put together these simple guidelines. Here’s what we need:

  • an attention-grabbing title
  • between 750-1500 words
  • 3-6 eye-catching subheadings
  • everything publication ready, proofread and spell-checked!

The article will remain your copyright and you’ll be given a byline at the top. Your bio info, including a photo, link to your website, social media profiles, and any other relevant details will also be included.

We won’t sub-edit your work without agreeing changes with you first, and we reserve the right to request changes before publication.

We want to publish new, original writing that’s just for us. By submitting your writing to Guru Circus, you give us exclusive permission to publish and promote it on an ongoing basis.

What else do I need to provide?

In addition to the article itself we also need:

  • a copyright free or Creative Commons image to accompany your article. Please include the photo credit information when required
  • a short bio about yourself, written in the third person of between 100-150 words
  • a headshot photograph of yourself
  • your contact details to be published with your article – your website and social media profiles

How do I submit an article?

Please send your article over to info@gurucircus.com. It’s very straightforward. If you need some help just get in touch.

Can I submit an article that’s been published somewhere else?

No. We want to publish new, original writing that’s just for us. Once your article has been published please don’t submit it elsewhere. Google doesn’t rate duplicated content and downgrades it for SEO.

I’ve written a book that fits your brief, would you be interested in publishing an excerpt?

Yes definitely. We would also be happy to link to it on Amazon and include it in our own Reviews section. Please get in touch and we can discuss it. Clearly we don’t expect any exclusivity for this kind of work.

I don’t know where to get a good image for the article, can you help?

Yes of course. We need a copyright free or Creative Commons image to illustrate your article. If you need help sourcing such an image please get in touch and we’ll help you find one.

Will people be able to leave comments on my article?

Yes, they just need a free user account or expert contributor membership.

Can I reply to comments on my article?

Yes, we hope you’d want to do that. When someone leaves a comment you’ll get an email to let you know. To reply you just need a user account or business membership.

Do you pay a fee?

No. Unfortunately we’re not in a position to commission articles or pay fees. That doesn’t mean we don’t hugely value your contribution, we do. We hope you’ll get value from being part of our community in other ways.

If you’re a practitioner or service provider you can join our professional community, through which you can promote your business and generate work. Writing for us then becomes an important way to raise your profile, build authority and gain trust with our audience.

Will you help me if I’ve never done this before?

Yes of course. If you need some help or want to check anything before writing your article, please get in touch.

We’re here to support you through the process and look forward to you joining our team of contributors.

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